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I think all the social networking sites allow you to share photos with friends, but the ways may be different among different sites. As a SNS, has some special features on sharing photos.

1. Review others’ photos

You can review all the photos people shared with you in Thoughts, and Slideshow is available. You can email the photo to your friends or flag it if you think there is inappropriate content. What is more, you can embed the photo on your blog or share it to a forum.

But, you have to input the securing code every time you leave a comment, even though you have already signed in, which was boring to me. 🙁

2. Upload your photos

You can upload photos, and decide with whom you want to share the photos, you can share them with everyone, with friends, or only with yourself. The max size of the photo you can upload is 5 megabyte, and only JPEG or PNG format allowed. Again, you also have to input the security code when you upload a photo. 🙁

3. Import your photos

You can import your photos from Flickr, PhotoBucket and shutterfly, gif photos can be imported too.

There were more than 200 photos in my Flickr account, but only 15 photos were imported, and no titles were imported, which made me a little disappoint. 🙁

4. Manage your photos

You can update your albums and the photos any time.

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