BlueHost Review by AlreadyHosting

想要一个既简单又稳定而且还便宜的云服务器吗?那就选择 DigitalOcean 吧,仅需 5 块钱一个月,现在注册还可以马上获赠 10 美元。

I am begging you are tired if you have used Chinese web hosting, since there is no sense of security, your website will be closed anytime even without any notice, which was really happened to me before.

So I moved my blog to a foreign web hosting, which was brought from Hugege, who was famous for his funny blog But I still keep the domestic web hosting, in case some day I have to move back.

There are many foreign web hosts out there, and I think any of them is better (at least safer) than our mainland web hosts. Among those famous foreign web hosts, BlueHost is a nice one, although I have never used it, has published a detailed Bluehost review, from which you can find out that BlueHost was ranked #2 on their list of the top 10 web hosting providers.

For a blog, the most important features for a web hosting I think are the speed, the uptime, the bandwidth and the price. According to Alreadyhosting’s review, BlueHost has high uptime, unlimited bandwidth and cheap prices ($3.95 per month for a 24 months buy), but I haven’t found the review of its speed. Have you ever used BluedHost? If yes, how do you think of it?

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